Below are the different types of delivery methods that we offer, in order from least costly to most expensive. We understand that in today’s budget crunched economy, every dollar is important so while we continue to improve our shipping costs, making informed decisions on your delivery type is also important.
Dock delivery is also referred to as a “no touch” load. The driver will not assist in unloading. This is also the term used when the site’s staff will unload with a forklift and a pallet jack. The dock must be a standard 4' loading dock, not a "milk" or "cafeteria" dock.


Tailgate delivery is when the driver brings the pallets to the back or “tail” of the truck. The pallets are pulled to back of the truck with a pallet jack or pallet pullers. If you don’t have a forklift, consider renting one, as that can be significantly less costly than paying for tailgate or liftgate service.
If you don’t have a dock or forklift available, then you will need a liftgate truck. The driver will lower the pallets to the ground with a hydraulic lift. Your staff is responsible for moving the pallets into the building. This is less costly than the next option where the driver takes the pallets inside.
Liftgate inside means the driver lowers the pallets to the ground and moves them inside your building. The doors must be wide enough for the pallet to fit through. If you need the pallet broken down, please contact your account rep for the additional cost involved with that service.


Shortages and damages must be noted on the BOL (bill of lading) at the time of delivery. Please count your total cases and indicate any differences in the presence of the driver. Keep a copy of the BOL and call your account representative should this occur.