Paper is the most recycled commodity in the world today, more so than aluminum or plastic. Recycled fiber from paper, however, can only be used a few times. Over time, the recycled fibers break down and can not hold the material together. Virgin wood pulp must then be added in each batch to achieve desirable results.
Achieving the best results for sound environment practices is using a good combination of recycled and virgin paper.
Recycled paper can be made into many other things besides paper stock, so recycling your paper is always a good thing to do for the environment. Check out Two Sides for facts and myths about using paper today.
Using paper can actually be GOOD for the environment - if you purchase from a manufacturer that uses certified sustainable forest management practices. These manufacturers maintain tree farms and must replant at a very high rate to continue their crop.
There are agencies in place that oversee paper manufacturers' forests. They certify that forests comply with local, state and federal laws, as well as agency rules and policies regarding re-growth and environmental impact.
It is important to know where your paper is produced. Never purchase paper made from the rain forest and always use paper from tree farms.

Visit these sites for information on recycling, import products, certifications and more.

More and more lately, the environment is becoming everyone’s business. In our case, it IS our business. We only purchase paper from environmentally responsible suppliers and we know that green practices are important to the conservation of our planet. Check out the information below to learn more.